Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hugest of Living Creatures

There Leviathan,
Hugest of living creatures, in the deep
Stretch’d like a promontory sleeps or swims
And seems a moving land; and at his gills
Draws in, and at his breath spouts out a sea.
—Milton, Paradise Lost

Kris Kuksi (i)

Kris Kuksi, The Beast of Babylon, 2008. Mixed-media
assemblage, 44 x 48 inches.

Kris Kuksi (ii)

Kris Kuski, The Recreation, 2009. Mixed-media assemblage,
31 x 24 inches.

Kris Kuksi (iii)

Kris Kuksi, Antics and Mechanical Frolic, 2008. Mixed-media
assemblage, 34 x 34 inches.